Sunday, April 29, 2012

                                Kicking this thing off with Sprinkles!!!!!
I started to put together a wedding cake portfolio and this cake has far surpassed my expectations. A really simple design and it ended up being #1 on Cake Central!! My first cake to hit #1 (and hopefully not the last)
Sweet Emotion
Don't worry you'll begin to see a theme with the names of my wedding cakes :)

The main questions I got were how did you keep the lines so straight? and Did you sprinkle then stack or stack then sprinkle?  

Well I did the usual fill and stack for each tier and then I ganached each tier so I could get the straightest lines possible for the fondant. I used ganache because it hardens and I was going to be a little rougher than usual with this cake. I covered each tier with marshmallow fondant and then I gave the fondant a little time to harden. I brushed each tier with white chocolate and pressed the sprinkles on. I left a one and a half in circle on the top of each tier except the smallest without sprinkles and filled it with chocolate to help stabilize the tiers as I stacked them. Once it was stacked I stuck a dowel straight down the middle (this resulted in more than a few sprinkles jumping ship) but it was nothing that a small paintbrush and more white chocolate couldn't fix. Attach a simple satin ribbon and voila!

The end product is simple and GORGEOUS!!! I couldn't be more pleased with this cake although I'm still finding sprinkles in the kitchen!! This 4 tier cake took about 4-5 lbs of sprinkles to completely cover.                         

If you have any other questions about this cake feel free to ask them!!!



  1. Hi! Your cake looks amazing!! I absolutely love it! I was wondering what sizes each of your tiers were??

  2. Thank you! The tiers were 6-8-10-12.

  3. Ok! thanks! I also have one more question, I'm preparing to make the cake for my best friends wedding coming up mid June. I really like the height that you have for this particular cake and I'm looking to keep it along those lines. But I am curious to know how many layers of cake make up each of your tiers? My guess would be about 4-6? Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!

  4. I bake my cakes at 2" and each tier is made up of 2 layers. They all end up being 4.5"-5" tall. Simple looking cakes always end up being harder to make because you notice every little detail. Even though this cake is busy with millions of little dots I wanted to make sure the tiers were the same height so I made sure they were all cut to 2" and I took a LOT of extra time to make sure they were even. I believe they finished at 4.75" with filling, ganache, and fondant. Good luck!!!