Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wild Thing

The Troggs version of "Wild Thing" played over and over in my head while making this cake. Can you guess why?
Leopard print and bling!!! Take note of the beautiful leopard print butterflies in the background.
Beautiful sparkle and a hint of the wild side. I think this cake will look even more beautiful when the wedding takes place and the light isn't as bright.

All that sparkle :)

And here's a bonus close up of the buttercream initialed tree stump grooms cake.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Gone fishin'

This cake was so much fun to make!!!
Everything on this cake was edible including all the little lures, tackleboxes, etc. I printed out a picture of my fish since I had no idea what a rainbow trout was supposed to look like. The only fish I usually deal with comes from a can :) 
There's a close up of the lures and bobbers.
This cake took about 7-8 hours to complete. The tacklebox, lid, and fish were all chocolate cake covered in chocolate ganache and then fondant. It had to make the trip from Texas to Colorado for the birthday party.
Mr. fish was carved out of chocolate cake.....
Then he was covered in fondant....fins were added.
Then I made some creepy little gills...
After that he was hand painted.
All in all a pretty cool cake.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

                                Kicking this thing off with Sprinkles!!!!!
I started to put together a wedding cake portfolio and this cake has far surpassed my expectations. A really simple design and it ended up being #1 on Cake Central!! My first cake to hit #1 (and hopefully not the last)
Sweet Emotion
Don't worry you'll begin to see a theme with the names of my wedding cakes :)

The main questions I got were how did you keep the lines so straight? and Did you sprinkle then stack or stack then sprinkle?  

Well I did the usual fill and stack for each tier and then I ganached each tier so I could get the straightest lines possible for the fondant. I used ganache because it hardens and I was going to be a little rougher than usual with this cake. I covered each tier with marshmallow fondant and then I gave the fondant a little time to harden. I brushed each tier with white chocolate and pressed the sprinkles on. I left a one and a half in circle on the top of each tier except the smallest without sprinkles and filled it with chocolate to help stabilize the tiers as I stacked them. Once it was stacked I stuck a dowel straight down the middle (this resulted in more than a few sprinkles jumping ship) but it was nothing that a small paintbrush and more white chocolate couldn't fix. Attach a simple satin ribbon and voila!

The end product is simple and GORGEOUS!!! I couldn't be more pleased with this cake although I'm still finding sprinkles in the kitchen!! This 4 tier cake took about 4-5 lbs of sprinkles to completely cover.                         

If you have any other questions about this cake feel free to ask them!!!